The Parade is an excellent marketing venue

New York City's Greek Independence Day Parade provides an opportunity to reach a large Greek-American audience as well as a diverse population of philhellenes. Besides the over 150,000 participants and observers at the event, there is an even larger audience that follows the parade via various media outlets.

The Greek Independence Day Parade provides your organization the opportunity to reach out to the Greek-American community.

  • Over 1,150,000 Americans identify Hellenic ancestry or ethnic origin (2000 US Census)
  • Approximately 250,000 residents of the tri-state (CT, NJ, NY) area declare Hellenic ancestry or ethnic origin (2000 US Census)
  • About 2 million Americans are members of the Greek Orthodox Church (Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches, National Council of Churches, 2000).


Marketing opportunities include :

Please contact us for more information as we can create a marketing package that can best meet your needs and budget. For information on last year's parade, including participation and media coverage, please view the 2007 Indepedence Day Parade Media Report (pdf, 57 MB).


Provided below are the opening scenes from the live broadcast of the Parade by New York's channel 9 station, as well as viewership information.

Sunday, April 22nd on WWOR/My 9

HH 41,700
P2+ 45,700
C2-11 2,400
T12-17 0
P18-34 5,900
P35-54 5,300
P55+ 32,000
P18+ 43,200
W18+ 20,000
M18+ 23,200
Source: NY Local People Meters; Nielsen; 4/22/07